On Free Will – 3

Continuing from where I began in On Free Will – 1 and On Free Will – 2 we will revisit my operating definition of free will and begin the next step of trying to answer the question, “Do human beings have free will?” First the operating definition: Free Will is the execution of an explicit … More On Free Will – 3

On Free Will – 2

In “On Free Will – 1” I established my operating definition of free will. “Free Will is the execution of an explicit decision, that elicits cognitive or affective dissonance due to schemas, affects, and behaviors that are implicit, which one engages in in furtherance of an rational aim regardless of the emotional discomfort caused by ignoring … More On Free Will – 2

On Free Will – 1

In a recent conversation I had with my friend, and former Professor, Al Campbell, I stated that I think humans have free will. Al is more of a determinist than I am – Al sees us as driven by our neurochemistry. So, with this conversation prompting my thought I’ve decided to tackle the issue of … More On Free Will – 1

Book Review – Slavery Inc.

Human trafficking—for sex, labor, and even organ selling—is among the most profitable businesses in the world, yet it is ignored or minimized by governments and mainstream society. Worse than governmental ignorance, perhaps, is the unwitting contribution that well-meaning but uninformed travelers make to this thriving industry. Read my review of Lydia Cacho’s Slavey Inc. in … More Book Review – Slavery Inc.

It’s Not Documentary

By: Christopher Brennan Parenting assists come from all sorts of strange places. Last week it was a text message exchange with a friend in Seattle and an episode of “Penn’s Sunday School” with Penn Jillette, the taller, more vocal member of Penn & Teller. The topic in question was pornography. Like I said, odd. I’ve … More It’s Not Documentary

In Review – Capitalism: A Ghost Story

By: Christopher Brennan The 1897 reports of Mark Twain’s death were greatly exaggerated, he shuffled loose the mortal coil in 1910. The band L.A. Style released their popular single “James Brown is Dead” in 1991, the artist himself lived another fifteen years. In much the same way astute observers of global economics know claims that … More In Review – Capitalism: A Ghost Story